Link Indexing gets the job done!

We can all agree that using a link indexing service would eliminate a lot of our daily effort to make Google see us. A link building campaign would become so much easier with such a service!

These days Google is very picky with our backlinks and if it detects anything dirty it simply erases your link from the index. Backlinks must be earned according to Google and if you are good and people starts talking about you then you will get the best incoming links possible. The problem is what to do when you are at the beginning. Let’s say you are good, how do you show Google that you deserve to be among the first?

Here is where a link indexing service might come in handy but all SEO experts declare themselves totally against this technique. It’s actually considered to be a bad SEO technique and Google has the power to discover links that were obtain using this method. In an interview Matt Cutt offered the people from, he explained how Google can spot these links and how you can show Google which links you want to be considered for your ranking.

In case you really want to try a link indexing service, here is a list of the few that are still active:

  • PingFarm – a service that will use the old ping method. It’s free and there are still many people that this method will work. The service uses a very simple method: it pings your backlinks. We can tell you for sure that it won’t work but if you want to try, feel free.
  • Lindexed – uses a bit of a more complicated method: they make short URLs, send pings, create sitemaps (where there aren’t), submit RSS feeds and ping content pages that have your links. 
  • OneHourIndexing – is another link indexing service that comes strong on the SEO market.

Using a link indexing service may seem like things are working at first but in the end the classic SEO methods will get you on the first page. It may take longer and you might have to work hard but this is Google today and we have to respect its rules if we want our sites indexed. Google wants to promote quality content and relevant results and this is an amazing thing for the online world. With every step we move to a search engine that will know what we’re looking for and will eliminate bogus results completely.